The continuations section revolves around all of the fanfics that I have still ongoing and have not yet been completed. I do take my time in finishing them because sometimes, like many writers, I hit writer's block often. Eventually these will be moved into the "finalities" section of my page once I'm able to finish them ^^.

Sometimes I do draw artwork for my stories just because. You can see them on my art section if you want.

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Gundam Wing - Women Really Aren't That Weak

A mini prequel for True Victor. What happened to Wufei after all that time?
(post series, pre-Endless Waltz; Wufei x OC)

Rurouni Kenshin - Two Sides of a Sword

Shinomori Aoshi's sister returns to Japan after twelve years of silence. However, enemies of the past follow her and her brother...endangering Misao. Aoshi does not know how to act, but imouto-chan to the rescue!
(post-series, A&M, pending remake)

Rurouni Kenshin - True Love

Yukishiro Enishi meets a young woman who will change his life from mofia boss to just an ordinary person, realizing how important love truly is...
(post Jinchuu arc, Enishi x OC)

Original - The Threads of Fate

Two amulets, one stone that will change the world. A young sorceress falls into the plot of the legendary Orion's ressurection at the kidnapping of her guardian angel. She must fight, or else be hunted for all eternity.

Tenchi Muyo - Welcome to the Masaki Family

Welcome to Tenchi and Ryoko's children's generation ^^. Lots of randomness and my attempt at a Humor/Drama fic.
(post series, 3rd season)

Final Fantasy VII - Dangerous Games

Seven years post Meteor, peace begins to settle in. Fate intervenes. A man looking for redemption runs into a young woman who reminds him of his lost love. A Sephiroth clone is given a second chance, & a second life. And a dead man comes back to life.
(Post game, Pre-AC...pending remake)

Bleach - Of Souls and Shinigami

Aizen Sousuke thought he had finally gotten what he wanted. However, achieving the status of a "god" and trying to change the soul energy in both Soul Society and the mortal world is much more difficult with omnyoji in the way.
(post SS arc, mainly ByakuyaxHisana)

Hellsing - Son of a Dragon

Twenty-five years have passed since the Incognito incident, and a seemingly peaceful life was ahead for Alucard and Integra and their new family. However, their son, Daemon Van Hellsing, isn't one half-vampire to be reckoned with when it comes to a possible coup d'etat.
(post anime series)

Naruto - Life of a Shinobi

How does life work as a Konoha ninja? Is it filled with excitement or just plain old boredom as always? What do the keys to your past lie to help keep you stronger? And what will happen in the future to come?
This is her story.
(AU; Spoilers Chp 1-250 or Ep. 1-133; mainly
Sasuke x OC and other various pairings later on)

Gungrave - Crimson Butterfly

He was undeserving of Maria. She was an angel and he was in hell. No matter how hard he tried to reach for her, she stepped even farther away from his grasp. She deserved better, and he knew it. It was better to let go and look for someone else. Maybe Brandon Heat would never find anyone like Maria ever again.
But then she came along: Yume Maxwell, the Crimson Butterfly.
(AU, Brandon x OC, Bunji x OC)

Final Fantasy VIII - A Sorceress' Knight

Nobody never really quite understood why Seifer Almasy decided to be a Knight. He didn't quite remember either, until he remembered and met her again: the person he promised he would protect -- a sorceress from Esthar..
(post game, Seifer x OC)

For discontinued works, click here.

Original - Simplicity

Masao Kaene was born to kill. Since the days she was given a second life, blood and corpses were commonplace to her world. Taille Zechts has known her all his life, and is the only person who can break through her walls. Many see them as partners, but a rare few have known a different side to their relationship, one that is much deeper than what it appears to be.