This had randomly popped up while I was watching Ring Zero, which is basically the prequel to Ringu (the original, Japanese version of The Ring). Watching young Sadako reminded me of maybe, just maybe, of what might have happened to Seifer. Since the GFs mess up with the memory of the dear heros of FF8, I thought that Seifer probably faced the same situation of trying to protect someone with mysterious powers but in the end couldn't. What if his romantic dream was a reality but he just didn't remember it?

So here is where this fanfic lies. This will be a prequel to a following FF8 fanfic that I have in mind, set a year after the defeat of Sorceress Ultimecia.

DISCLAIMERS: Final Fantasy VIII and its following characters do not belong to me, but rather to Nomura Tetsuya and SquareEnix. I just own the plot ^^.

Chapter One - Memories