AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes, Ayame-chan has done it again! Yet another RK fanfic! This time: Shinomori Aoshi's long lost sister returns after more than twelve years presumed dead. Be warned, be afraid, be VERY afraid because this has come from the wacky mind of Ayame-chan!



1) In my fantasy world, I own Rurouni Kenshin (who doesn't?). In the real world, I don't. They belong to Nobuhiro Watsuki, Sony, Jump Comics, and other misc. companies that I can't name.

2) I also don't own Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon from where I got the idea from. They belong to...those guys who made them. I'm sorry but I forgot! Oh, wait, it's by Sony and producer/director Angst Lee! ...I think O_o

3) All the characters that I made up are mine! If you want to use them (Ikumi, for example), then you gotta ask me first or face my wrath!

WARNING: This takes place two years after the Revenge Arc, so spoilers galore!


Thanks to the help of my three lovely emergency muses: Taka-neko, Chichiri, and Tasuki for helping me accomplish this feat!

Chichiri: already had the idea before you got us, Ayame-chan, no da...

*blinks* I did?

Tasuki: Yes, you did! Che, have you been sleeping well these past few weeks, Ayame-chan?


Tama-neko: Mreow.

Okay, okay! I get the idea: I should get some rest...

(NOTE: If you don't know who my muses are, then read Ayame-chan's Search for the Perfect Muse)


Chapter One ~ Return

Chapter Two ~ Sibling Reunion

Chapter Three ~ Big Sister, Little Sister

Chapter Four ~ Enemies from the Past and a Resolution

Chapter Five ~ A Temporary Peace

Chapter Six ~ Relapse and then...

Chapter Seven ~ Reliving the Past

Chapter Eight ~ Reconciliation

Chapter Nine ~ Changes

Chapter Ten ~ Nightmares and Feelings

Chapter Eleven ~ The Wandon School

Chapter Twelve ~ Torn

Chapter Thirteen ~ The Red Scorpion

Chapter Fourteen ~ Relationship Dilemma

Chapter Fifteen ~ Secrets

Chapter Sixteen ~ To Fight For Her...

Chapter Seventeen ~ Two Pasts, One Survivor (Part One)

-------->Chapter 17.5 ~ Two Pasts, One Survivor (Part Two)

Chapter Eighteen ~ Family


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