The Usual Know-How: No, I don't own Bleach. That's owned by Kubo Tite, its wonderful creator, and those other companies like Studio Pierrot who are animating the series right now. Why in the world would I be writing this fic if I DID own such an awesome series like this? did this start up in the first place?

This idea spawned while I was busy reading and catching up with the manga of Bleach. It's a very intriguing story, I admit, and I was immediately hooked, like how I am easily hooked onto other things. I really really wanted to write a fanfic from Bleach, but I wasn't quite sure where to start since I'm in between using anime storylines and original characters at the same time -- as well as in the process of writing my own original fiction. Then I saw the movie: Omnyoji.

The rest is history.


The omnyoji related in this fanfic have nothing to do with the exorcists of legend. Well, mostly. Omnyoji, for your information, in this fanfic is a mixture of shinigami and Quincy. You can say that this group is the neutral group between the relations of Quincy and shinigami -- more will be explained in this fanfic so that I don't spoil anything.

Any warnings?

Slight Ichigo x Orihime. I don't care if all you Ichigo x Rukia fans believe that they're not meant to be; it's equally not possible for Ichigo x Rukia to exist in my world. I can give tons of explantations about that, but I won't go into it since the romance in this fic is not that much and I don't focus a lot on the pairings.

SO I ask that you all keep an open mind. Remember that people can think up of the strangest pairings in a lot of anime, so don't be so biased when it comes to Bleach. Also, this is spoiler-filled after the Soul Society arc, which is after Chapter 182 of the manga (the anime hasn't reached to that point just yet...)

Now that lecture is over, I ask that you read and enjoy! (Oh, R&R if you want to, too)

Prologue - Interference

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