Well, I, Ayame-chan, decided to rewrite this fic. Celestial Senshi's chapters are still here, but since she hasn't given me back the notebook, I'm kinda going to go on my own from here ^^. Anyhoo, this is a new and rewritten version of Threads of Fate and hope you enjoy!

There was a time when the world was at chaos: Hyne's Heaven against Morcadia's Hell.

The evil and legendary Orion was sealed away through Hyne's powers, but...

Orion had to be kept sealed.

So two amulets were made, once whole, to keep the evil away.

But one has been captured,

and one girl is put in charge to stop Orion from rising again and saving her captured angel.

If only things were that easy....


DISCLAIMERS: You are NOT allowed to use these characters without permission! We made them up, so they're ours! There will be some hints to Final Fantasy (since it's just awesome as it is...), so you have been warned. Oh yeah, the title is not ours: it's from a Squaresoft game called Threads of Fate, but this title matched our idea perfectly!


Chapter One: The Angel's Kidnapping

Chapter Two: Meeting with the Faerie

Chapter Three: Siren, Goddess of All Fae

Chapter Four: Confrontation in the Rift

Chapter Five: The Kirika Clan

Chapter Six: Memories over a Campfire

Chapter Seven: The Meaning of Identity

Chapter Eight: Welcome Home, Goodbye - Part One: Michika

Chapter Nine: Welcome Home, Goodbye - Part Two: The Place of Origin

Chapter Ten: Arrival

Chapter Eleven: The Story of Archangel's Kingdom

Chapter Twelve: In the Land of the Summoners...


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~Celestial Senshi~