DISCLAIMERS: No, I unfortunately don't own Hellsing. That's owned by Hiroaki Samura, Geneon (formerly known as Pioneer), and many others. However all original characters such as Richard, Daemon, Maria, Kato, Alana, and so forth belong to me. Anya Sophia belongs to Juuhachigou. If you want to use them, please ask for permission first! (or we'll hunt you down). Another note to add is that I am only familiar with the anime, not the manga of Hellsing. So, of course, certain characters are left out as I haven't read the manga whatsoever. Plus, I'm not following that storyline anyway.

Taking place around 25 years after the series has ended, this follows the life of Daemon Van Hellsing, the heir to the Hellsing organization and Alucard and Integra's son. Just who is the SPAWN organization, and how is the Hellsing organization involved, and what is Daemon's role in this game?

This fic is dedicated to my dear friend, Juuhachigou ^^.

Prologue and Chapter One: Return - His Story

Chapter Two: The Shadow of Betrayal

Chapter Three: Impending Destruction

Chapter Four: The Reason for Return

Chapter Five: A Continuation of the Present

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