Seven years after Meteor's destruction, peace begins to settle in.


Fate intervenes.

A man looking for redemption runs into a young woman who reminds him of his lost love...

A Sephiroth clone is given a second chance, and a second life....

And a man presumed dead comes back to fufill his destiny,

with the only people standing in his way are two people:

his own sister and

Vincent Valentine.


Oh yes, a Vincent Valentine and Sephiroth fic! After playing the game over again for the billionth time (I just love it, what can I say?), this idea emerged. Yes, I know that all thirteen Sephiroth clones were discovered, but just what if the last one was never found? What if that clone was kept hidden from the world even Hojo himself? And just what exactly happened to Tseng after Sephiroth sliced the Masamune into him? Did he die or did he continue to live? And what happened to Lucrecia after Meteor? Did Vincent come to visit her again or not? This is just my intake of all those questions left unfinished. This fic is trying to go and focus on the relationship between Vincent and Lucrecia, using my new character to replace her ^^. Hope you like it and enjoy!

DISLCAIMERS: Of course I don't own Final Fantasy VII. If you think I did, then the Mako energy must've poisoned you somehow to think that Square wasn't in charge...

The only characters I own are Naoko, Seth, Kyo, and Kay (plus any other people that I add in later on). If you want to use them, then ask me first!


Prologue ~ Parting Ways

Chapter One ~ A Missing Secret