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Now, I know what you're probably asking: What does Envision Realms mean? Well, let me explain ^^.

Envision Realms (formerly known as EXPOSURE) was a little web group of all artists that used to be found on a message board that I'm in called Gaia. Bascially, I was recruited in by Envision's founder, Jeff R after he saw a picture that I had posted up onto the Art Gallery of Gaia and asked me to join. Envision took on requests by members of Gaia (we had our own little office there) and then the requests were distributed to the artist most suited for the job. Artists there didn't HAVE to color the artwork; there were colorists on Envision, too, that could handle that if you didn't feel like it.

Envision was really much like a little family to me. The people on there were really nice and they loved to help you on whatever weaknesses you had. It's a bit sad that I've lost contact with many of them and I'm not sure where Envision is anymore since Jeff R stepped down from his position and the website had moved several times since then.

So, in dedication to the memories I had there, this area will go to all of the projects that I had done at Envision as well as expanding to my own original characters and artwork.

If anybody from the Envision Realms team sees this, I'd love to hear from ya!

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**Note: The picture (2nd row, 1st column) was drawn by me and colored by sousuke.
Note 2: 2nd picture (4th row, 4th column) drawn by Torch, colored by me

CG Works

Traditional Mediums

The following were given as gifts for my 18th b-day ^_^ SO, if you want to use these, e-mail me so I can e-mail the artists OR you talk to them at Envision's forums....

by: Alpha

by: Yaina

by: Miori

by: ambimie

by: Neko