Located here is all the artwork for my original fanfiction, The Threads of Fate. If you would like to use any of these for display elsewhere, please (and kindly) e-mail me before use. These are all original characters of mine, so I would like to keep them, well, in as little places as possible.

If you somehow wind up to be a fan of this fiction of mine and would like to send in artwork, I'd be happy to accept. I find it interesting to see what other people can see in my characters. Again, just send me an e-mail with the file (in .jpeg, .png, .bmp formats ONLY) and on the subject line: TOF fanart and I'll post them up here ASAP.

This gallery is really in the works as my characters continue to change and change as I see fit. Once I start on The Threads of Fate's manga, then they'll have a more definite outlook of what they actually look like. The only constant characters I can draw right now are Rydia, Sakana, and Shion. Kentarou's style changes as I see fit, poor guy ^^;

Newer works will be outlined in bold.

Beginning Sketches

Individual Characters


Group Pictures and others