1) I do not own Rurouni Kenshin,  Fushigi Yuugi, or Gundam Wing. They belong to whomever created them (Nobuhiro  Watsuki, 
Yuu Watase, and um...the person dude who created Gundam I forget!)and  published them (Jump Comics, Sony, Pioneer, and 
among others...) 

2) I'm just making  this for entertainment purposes only, so please don't sue Ayame-chan! Ayame-chan  has no money anyway! 

3) If you have not watched some parts of these particular  series, then there are some spoilers ahead! 

AYAME-CHAN SAYS: Hahaha...what ideas  you can think of when you're in the insomniac stage of life...oh and gomen if  this is 
a bit crappy as well. I'm tired and exhaustingly bored, what else can I say?   

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
I      A Tragic yet Hilarious Fic of       			I 
I           Jeopardy....sort of               				I
I                		    											I	
I									By: Ayame-chan      		I
I				    													I
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

(The room is very dark, but several figures can be made out. Contestant #1 and its partner seem to be fighting, punches and 
kicks heard everywhere. #1 is the shadow of a familiar form, with ruffled hair and a ponytail. Its partner is a bit taller than 
him, flames coming out time and time again from a fan-like object. Contestant #2 and its partner are seemingly...um...just 
standing there,probably watching the fight. #2 is small and short, but a dim cross-shaped scar is seen on its left cheek and 
saying "Oro?" time and again when the flames come up. Its partner is a bit shorter than #2, with a high ponytail and a big 
ribbon on its head. Contestant #3 and its partner are not particularly paying attention to the fight, more like looking at a bright
screen and punching in a few numbers here and there. One is saying "Mission accepted", the other just scratching his head like 
he has no clue whatsoever what's going on. Contestant #4 and its partner are engaged in...um...some *censored* "action". 
Contestant #5 and its partner are also fighting it out, #2 and its partner running back and forth prying them away from each 
other. #5 is very tall, rooster-like hair and wearing white clothing while its partner is twice as small as he is, waving a stick 
around and trying to whack # 5 on the head. And finally, in the last booth, Contestant #6 and its partner are pretty much stand
ing there, mumbling to one another when the show is about to start.)

(The lights turn on, and the scuffling taking place stops. The contestants and their partners set into position.)

(Some cheesy music begins to play, and out comes the host. He's pretty geeky-looking, with wide-rimmed glasses and all, but all 
the more dressed casually so he really doesn't SEEM like he's a nerd. The music stops abruptly when the host trips on the step 
up to the host's platform and falls flat on his face. He quickly gets up and goes to his spot.)

Host: Welcome, minna, to tonight's show of---

Audience: Jeeeeeoooooooppppppaaarrrrrrddddyyyy!!

Host: That's right, and we have a spontaneous new set of guests coming to our tor--game! Let me introduce you to them folks.  
In our first spot, from the fabulous show of Fushigi Yuugi, the lovely loveable Suzaku duo....Tamahome and Tasuki!

(The lights turn on as the female audience scream wildly at them. We see a charbroiled, extra-crispy Tamahome waving and 
grinning his drop-dead grin at the girls despite his blackened appearance. Tasuki flames Tamahome again, and then waves 
nonchalantly at the audience.)

Tamahome: W-why did you do that for? (he falls over)

Host: (sweatdrops) Um..anyway, our next contestants, from the kick-ass show of Rurouni Kenshin, the #1 RK couple written 
about in FANFICS TODAY, the kind-hearted rurouni Himura Kenshin and his tomboy-not-so-good-cooking-partner, Kamiya 

(The audience cheers again, female audience screaming for Kenshin and male audience yelling for Kaoru. Kenshin holds Kaoru 
back before she whacks the host with her bokutou.)

Kaoru: Who're you calling a tomboy? You try and cook when you don't know how, sometime!!

Kenshin: Maa, maa. Calm down, Kaoru-dono.

(Kaoru knocks Kenshin with her bokutou unconscious, and jumps over the booth and whacks the host in the head a million times. 
She then returns to her seat. Large bumps are seen everywhere on his head when he recovers.)

Kenshin: Orororororo....

Host: (a bit dazed) Uhhh...well...for oura...oura thard contest...contest peee...people...from Gundam Wing, Heeeeeerrrroooo....
Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell!

(More audience cheers and more screams from the female audience as the light goes on them. Duo is grinning from ear to ear, 
waving back at them as they scream louder. Heero...well, Heero's just Heero.)

Duo: Oi, Heero, why don't you wave back? Those girls are screaming for you too, you know.

Heero: ......

Host: (more sweatdrops) Um..yeah. (He shakes his head violently to get back to normal and re-adjusts his glasses) Also from 
Fushigi Yuugi, our lovely Suzaku seishis nemesis', Nakago and Soi!

(Some of the audience cheers, but there are more boos and jeers than cheers. Nakago holds up his left hand and it glows with 

Nakago: Any more of that, and you will be gone in an instant.

(A puff of smoke appears right next to the host. Here comes Ayame-chan, absently typing on the computer, wearing a pair of 
jeans and a gray T-shirt that says "Moogle!" on it and her long brown hair tied up in a bun. She stops typing and smiles sweetly 
at Nakago.)

Ayame-chan: Say that again and YOU'RE not going to be in this world anymore...

(He instantly shuts up and puts his hand down. Soi clings on to him possesively.)

Soi: You're not taking away Nakago-sama!

Ayame-chan: Oh really?

(Tasuki nudges at Tamahome)

Tasuki (whispers): Who's she?

Tamahome (whispers back): Ayame-san's the author, baka.

Kenshin (thinking): *I'm glad I'm not in Nakago's shoes, de gozaru. Especially when Ayame-dono can turn into another Battousai-
me when tempted, de gozaru na....*

Ayame-chan (continuing without noticing the other conversations floating about): (gives an evil glare at Soi) I'm the damn 
author, so you better do what I say or I'll ask Nuriko to throw 10 boulders on top of you! (she turns in her swivel chair and 
smiles sweetly back at the host) Continue, please.

Host: (clears his throat) Um...anyway, also from Rurouni Kenshin, the last half of the Kenshingumi, Sagara Sanosuke and Myojin 

(the female audience screams when Sanosuke waves at them. He winks and one of the females swoons to the floor)

Yahiko: (mumbles) Showoff...

Host: And finally, our final contestants for tonight's show, also from Gundam Wing and the last of the Gboys, Chang Wufei and 
Dorothy Catalonia!   

(silence. The crickets start to chirp)

Wufei: Why did I have to be with her?

Ayame-chan: Because. I read an alternate pair fic about you two so there.

Dorothy: But, onegai, Ayame-sama. You could have at least chose someone else. And someone else would be better and more 

Ayame-chan: (smiles sweetly) Gomen, Dorothy, demo you're persuasion tricks don't work on me. You're stuck with him until the 
end of the game.

(Kenshin politely raises his hand)

Ayame-chan: Hai, Kenshin?

Kenshin: Anno...Ayame-dono...why didn't you put everybody together in their series, de gozaru ka? It would make it much easier.

Ayame-chan: Mmmm...you're right, Kenshin, demo I wanted everybody to meet everybody else. Does that make it clear?

(He nods)

Yahiko: (mumbling to himself) She's worse than that busu over there.

(A rain of books, vegetables, cd cases, and kunai come flying straight at him. Yahiko covers his head in vain.)

Yahiko: Ow, why'd you do that for?

Ayame-chan: I heard that.  You have the honors, Kaoru.

Kaoru: Arigatou, Ayame-san.

(Kaoru walks over to Sano and Yahiko's booth, and whacks Yahiko on the head with her bokutou a bazillion times. She finishes 
and walks back to stand behind Kenshin.)

Host: (even more sweatdrops than before) Can I get on with the show now?

Ayame-chan: Yes, you may.

(The host goes back into gear.)

Host: Alrighty, folks! You know the rules. All the contestants must answer the answer in a question and their partners can help 
them out when needed by whispering in their ear the answer. And now let's play Jeopardy!

(Some beeping sounds come up as all of the windows on the top of the board say "Jeopardy" and the money ranges come up.)

Host: And the categories are...Weapons, I got an "S" in Citizenship!, Relationships, To Be or Not To Be, and World History. 
Remember, the letter "S" in I got an "S" in Citizenship means that the answer has to start with the letter "S". We had a play the 
longest string game before the show, and Tamahome you get to choose first!

(Tamahome picks up the buzzer and grins maniacally before choosing)

Tamahome: I got an "S" in Citizenship for $1,000 please!

Tasuki: Ahou, the wagers only go up to $500 in this round.

Tamahome: (facefaults) Oh. Um..that "S" thing for $500 please!

Host: According to Japanese culture, this alcoholic drink is famous throughout the resturaunts and other outgoing areas.

(The Gboys are a bit confused, Nakago and Soi are thinking while Kenshin, Tamahome, and Sanosuke beep in at the same time. 
But Sano's booth lights up first.)

Host: Yes, Sano?

Sanosuke: What is sake?

Host: Correct! Please choose a category.

(Sanosuke grins and looks at the board)

Tasuki: Hey, that's not $*#(@ fair! This #*(@$!~#^$*^^ is not working!

Sanosuke: Tough luck, fan boy.

Tasuki: What'd you say you @$!@#%#$ rooster head?

Sanosuke: Hey I said for you that it was !@@#$@ tough luck, ^#($) fan boy!

Ayame-chan: Please you two! Children are watching this too, you know!

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