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The Final Fantasy Freaks Guild is a guild that I run at Gaia Online. Currently, we're a more RP-affiliated guild than a fan guild, although we still talk about the videogame series often. This section of the site displays the artwork of the characters in the RPs that we currently have at the moment as well as some omakes, maps, or other outside boundary stuff.

Just scroll to the specific RP that you want to get to see the sketches.

Interested in joining? You can check out the guild (and its instructions to join) at:

Some quick guides for those not acquainted in the world of role-playing...

NPC = Non-Playable Character
RP = Role Play (or Role Playing...)
DM = Dungeon Master (well...the person in charge, anyway...)

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RP #1 - Guardians and Amulets
The first RP deals with these amulets. The amulets are currently the ancestors of the masters of elements who took battle in a war against Hell at the beginning of this world, many millenia ago. Temples scattered across the world hold clues to the seal that was broken by Hell a couple hundred years ago which resulted in the creation and influx of monsters that hunt down humans. So what is the actual point to all of this? The amulets speak to their bearers, and in order to make the legend possible, each bearer must face a test of worth. That's the gist of it.

DM = me (Ayame-chan)

Characters in the RP so far: (these mean that person who's character it is)

*Baikasu (Kohki) - Bearer of Lightning
*Bryce (Chibicid) - Bearer of Wind
*Daewyn (Kelwyn) - Bearer of Life/Earth
*Naoko (...me) - Bearer of the Void (and Mistress of the Void)
* Phey (Pharoah) - Bearer of Fire, replaced by Verdis (Kaede)
*Nida (Nida/Saoszuc) - Bearer of Poison
*Gwyn (Gwyn Masamune) - Bearer of Mind
*Tanasha (Tanasha) - Bearer of Fate
*lucavi (lucavi) - Bearer of Holy
*Anatares (Anatares) - Bearer of Illusion
*Shuichi (Shuichi), NPC - Bearer of Time/Gravity
*Sion Zell, NPC - Bearer of Water (replaces Shaolin)
*Kato Kamanake, NPC - Master of Wind
*Reika Feanor, NPC - Mistress of Fire
*Layla Kamanake, NPC - A priestess of Halconia
*Feiyuan Rolfe, NPC - Master of Water
*Dante Rolfe, NPC - Master of Wind
*Nayra, NPC - Guardian to Nekleska Temple

Profiles of each character (Coming soon!)
Map of the RP (no actual scale on distance yet): 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

Preliminary Artwork (while at AX03, before I got what everybody wanted to look like)

Artwork by: Ayame-chan


Artwork by lucavi

Havin' some fun with the RP...when so many things can be made fun of...

by: lucavi

Link to RP thread

RP #2 - Final Fantasy VII, Shadows of War
This story takes place 2 years after the demise of Sephiroth and Shin-ra. The world is trying to rebuild, and each city is trying to consolidate power in their region after the power vacuum that was left by the death of Shin-ra. Our heroes have went their seperate ways.

DM = Gwyn Masamune

Characters in the RP (so far):

*Reno - Gwyn Masamune
*Reeve - " "
*Rude - me (Ayame-chan)
*Tifa Lockheart - " " "
*Cloud Strife - Zecxs Nojoach [copy/paste name]
*Cid Highwind - Chibicid
*Yuffie Kisaragi - Kaede
*Elena - " "
*Red XIII - " "
*Vincent Valentine - (to be replaced)
*Barret Wallace - (to be replaced, currently manipulated by Chibicid)
*Elmyra Gainsborough, NPC
*Shera Burrows, NPC
*Godo Kisaragi, NPC
*Mayor Augustus Black, the current mayor of Junon, NPC
*Doctor Nicholai Rios, a man who holds the knowledge of Mako infusion, NPC
*Fury, a man who is terrorizing the mayor of Junon for reasons unknown, NPC
*Wrath, a mysterious man who has offered a job to the Turks to kidnap Yuffie Kisaragi, NPC
*Vicious, unknown as of now, NPC

Current Artwork...none so far

Link to RP Thread

RP #3 - Song of Leviathan
The privateer vessel Stonefish has recently filled its hold with captured cargo from pirates in the region and is heading back to Levee for trade and payment. The captain, a grim-jawed woman with a penchant for profanity, has called everyone to the deck -- even the captives and the passengers (rescued captives from pirate vessels). She is detailing the plan for landfall to the captives. The passengers will be repatriated by the Leveein government, so long as the cost does not exceed two hundred gil per head. The pirates will be tried.

Suddenly, the crowd of crew bursts into turmoil. Weapons are drawn, shouts are raised, blades are held to throats and chests. One woman stands above the crowd, flanked by several crewmen. "This is a mutiny!" she cries. "The vessel Stonefish is now under the control of a new captain! Those who side with me are invited to offer their services now by moving toward the bow; the rest may move toward the points of our blades or the ocean floor, whichever strikes your fancy!"

+ Who are you? Pirate captive? Merchant captive? Noble captive? Mutineer? Privateer?
+ What role will you play in the events unfolding?

This is based on a bare bones stats system, abilities gained are based on experience and how much AP you have in your stash.

DM = Saoszuc/Nida

Characters in RP (so far):
*Sao Kolo (Nida/Saoszuc)
*Morgan Aquill (Kelwyn)
*Locke Karn (Chibicid)
*Sahlana (Taphenes)
*Dmietr Ayn, Captain of the Privateer Vessel Stonefish (NPC)
*Nell Rquin, first mate of the Stonefish (NPC)
*10 crewmen of the Privateer Vessel Stonefish (and crew women) [NPC]
*Wilhelm Cairn, Captain of the Nautica (NPC)
*Thrain Pillock, first mate of the Nautica (NPC)

Current Artwork...none as of yet

Link to RP Info Thread
Link to RP Thread