Weeee....This is just plain ol' fun, no da ^_^. Although this is a new fic, I'm going to make it as short as possible no matter what you guys say about it! This is just a short fic about what had happened to Enishi after the Revenge Arc in my own little world of insanity. Anyhoo, all disclaimers apply and enjoy!

SPOILERS: Revenge Arc (If you haven't read the manga about this, then you can't read this fic. However, if you're like me, utterly impatient, then go ahead and read!)

This is a revised version of the original. If you want to read the original (and see how horrible I was back then >.< Not that I didn't like the concept...it's just.. what's that saying? As you get older, your perceptions change?) please click here


Introduction and Prologue

Chapter One: First Meeting

Chapter Two: A Small Change of Pace

Chapter Three: Rescue

Chapter Four: Memory