AUTHORESSES WARNINGS: These are a few lil' things that we and our dear friends made after AyanamiChan got the idea after a conversation with Ayame-chan when she read AyanamiChan's fic: Weird Titleless Fic. Just be warned that there is a LOT of random insanity. Oh, and we don't mean to bash certain anime bishonen on purpose, ya know? Sometimes it's just too fun too. ^_^


A joint fic by many crazy authoresses from West Torrance High School

By: AyanamiChan

--Gundam Wing--

Heero Yuy: Briefs
Why: He wears spandex all the time, which would sort of defeat the purpose of boxers, ne?
Duo Maxwell: Boxers 
Why: No solid proof on this one, but try and picture the great Shinigami in briefs! It just doesn't work!!
Chang Wufei: Briefs 
Why: Okay, I admit that Wufei is a boxers kind of guy, but someone tell me that you wouldn't like to see Injustice Boy in a pair of Tighty 

Zechs Marquiese: Commando
Why: Hey, he's called Sexy-Zechsy for a reason!! ^_~

--Fushigi Yuugi--

Tamahome: Boxers
Why: He really seems like a boxers kind of guy, not to mention that I think we see his boxers a few times in the series. ^_^ [added by 
Ayame-chan ~ And he has the '!' boxers!!]

Nuriko: Panties
Why: Well, he *is* a crossdresser! [added by Ayame-chan ~ The panties have lil' red hearts w/chibi Hotohoris on it ^_^]

~~More Bishonen Answers!~~

By: Ayame-chan

--Fushigi Yuugi--

Tasuki: I wear boxers, goddammit!
Why: Hey, being the kickass, great Genrou of the Mt. Leikaku bandits, you have to show your men how to be kickass!

Hotohori: Briefs
Why: The most beautiful man in the Shi Ji Ten Chou is too beautiful for boxers!

Chichiri: I prefer either one, no da! Sometimes, I might go [Taka-neko covers his mouth] mmrrff...
Why: Well...he'd look good in EITHER of them, ya?

Mitsukake: .....
Why: .....

Nakago: N/A
Why: ...I don' t really *want* to know. Ask Soi!

--Gundam Wing--

Trowa Barton: Boxers
Why: ..... (He won't answer, so I will! Now, why else would he wear boxers especially when he has those really poofy pants?)

Quatre R. Winner: Briefs
Why: Little rich boy runs a lil' briefs factory of his own. ^_~

--Rurouni Kenshin--

Himura Kenshin: Briefs
Why: Well, he does do his own laundry, de gozaru. ^_^x

Sagara Sanosuke: Boxers
Why: We saw them. ::drool::


Vash the Stampede: Briefs
Why: Whenever he's scared or in "Love and Peace!" mode, a high pitched squealy voice matches ^_^.


By: Juuhachigou Kuri

Gokou: Boxers
Why: Seen them.

Vegita: Commando
Why: One word: spandex.

Kuririn (Krillin): Boxers
Why: Seen them, heh heh. *nice* 

Gohan: Boxers
Why: He seems like the boxers type.

Yamucha: Briefs
Why: It would explain why he used to be so afraid of girls...

Yajirobe: Briefs
Why: Explains why he'll never get any...::shivers::

Tenshinhan (Tien): Briefs
Why: Ever wonder why he got that extra third eye?

Chiatzu: Briefs
Why: It explains his vertical-challengedness as well as that high squeaky voice! (They're too tight!!)

Trunks: Boxers
Why: His last name is Briefs, but I don't think he'd wear them. Also, I've seen them.

Piccoro (Piccolo): Commando
Why: He seems like the type.

Kami: Briefs
Why: He's old. They need to be held back.

Dende: Briefs
Why: It explains his shortness.

Gero: Panties
Why: Hey, he is a twisted old man, who knows how far that goes.

Juunanagou: Boxers
Why: I don't want to think about this one too hard, so I'll say boxers.

Juurokugou: Panties
Why: Can you see a big ol' dude like him in frilly little panties with pink lace? I can! Hahahahaha!!!

Buu: Diaper
Why: We've all seen it.

Shon: Briefs
Why: He's a wuss. Needs "support".

Babidi: Panties
Why: He wears a frickin' dress!!

~~Final Fantasy VII and VIII~~

By: Celestial Senshi

Squall Leonhart: .....
Why: It's none of your business!

Zell Dincht: Boxers
Why: More breathing room, man.

Irvine Kinneas: Briefs
Why: C'mon...with those tight-ass pants?

Cid Kramer: Briefs
Why: He's boring.

Seifer Almasy: Boxers
Why: 'Cuz he's a bad mother $!#$%!!

Cloud Strife: Boxers...with clouds on them
Why: Because the mental image makes me laugh.

Barret Wallace: Boxers
Why: I ain't wearing no frickin' pansy underwear!

Cait Sith: Briefs
Why: Because they're cute! Meow!

Sephiroth: Commando
Why: Every man has his secrets ^_^

[All added later on by Ayame-chan]

Vincent Valentine: Boxers
Why: Well, he seems like the boxers type and when I come to think of it: Vinny in tighty whiteys? doesn't fit in!!

Cid Highwind: Boxers
Why: Do ya !@#!%#@#$ think that @#$%@#$^@# whites 'r' goin' to help make some goddamn tea?!?

Well, that is all that we have, no da! Feel free to contribute!

Ayame-chan: OR


Juuhachigou Kuri