Whoo, my first Naruto fic! Well, this comes from an idea strained from my overworked brain of mine. Ever since my friend got me started on Naruto, I've been hooked on it ever since. I haven't been hooked on an anime this strong since...Rurouni Kenshin...^^;

Anyway, I stem this idea into reality as I take the entire Naruto series into the warped world of my head. Hence, this fic is AU (Alternate Universe). So...here are a few changes:

*Sakura is replaced by my OC, Miyamoto Azumi (no offense, Sakura fans) Oh, and a sneak peek of what she looks like is -- you guessed it -- right on that image that I drew up there ^^. This is by no means a self-insertion; rather, far from it. I was pretty much disappointed that there weren't many, if at all, strong female characters in the series until recently (post-Kakashi Gaiden arc) and so here we go with one.

*This is her story, so it will mainly follow her point of view. So, naturally, some scenes that were shown in the manga and anime will be left out or changed because of it.

This entire fic will be filled with spoilers from both the anime and the manga up until Chapter 227 of the manga and then some after that (particularly chapters 247-250), so if you haven't gotten that far just yet, then don't read this! If you have or just don't care...then go on ahead!

Reviews are always welcome!



Chapter One - The Groups: What?!? She's On Sasuke's Team??

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