Hee hee hee. We have done it! A joint muse search! Weeeell...right now so far, we are still on the quest of finding a joint muse for us. Ayanami_Chan has found her temporary muse for now and I'm still in the search of one as you can see. A muse, for those who don't know, is a person who kinda helps us out whenever we are in a bind, give us suggestions, and helps us during our writing block times. Well, read and enjoy!

Ayanami_Chan's Perfect Muse

Ayame-chan's Quest for the Perfect Muse: Part One

Ayame-chan's Quest for the Perfect Muse: Part Two

The Question that We All Need to Know: What's a Muse?

Kabloee!!! ~ A Random Fic by Ayame-chan starring Ayame-chan and her Muses!

Mreow! ~ Erm...Total Random Insanity by Ayame-chan and Ayanami_Chan during an AIM conversation

Weird Titleless Fic ~ This one's created by AyanamiChan when she was reading some GW fic and *poof* this idea came up. Weird? Yes, very weird. Laughter? Lots, if ya know who's in it ^_^. Would YOU like to help Chichiri take over the world?

Wazzah! Ayame-chan's Journey to France ~ I went to France for the summer of 2001. No computer, no DVDs to watch, no interesting movies to see, so what did I do? This fic!