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Ah...my usage. Well, decided to make my own section (which is nice), so here it goes....bear with me, will you?

I'm very lenient when it comes to using most images, but you just have to tell me first. Like, if you want to use any of my artwork, just simply e-mail me. I check my e-mail at least 50 million times (since I'm on the internet for most of my free time) and do try to reply as fast as I can. It'd be also nice if you'd link back to my site (not a direct link, mind you, a separate link for others to just go to this webpage) and send me back a link to your website so I can add to my links section.

However, regarding other people's work, you MUST e-mail them for a request, because simply e-mailing me won't do anything. It's their work. Not mine. If I don't have an e-mail provided, THEN e-mail me so I can e-mail them to ask or simply just give you their e-mail address (such as the gift art from Envision).


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