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Er...strange name, no? This website is dedicated for all of my and guest fanart/fanfiction. I was running out of room on the main site, so I made this one ^^. The name of this site comes from the Vietnamese phrase "khong co khi me gi het" which generally means that there's nothing there or nothing happened. You know, like when you're stuck in traffic on the freeway for an hour or more and you find out that everyone just braked for no apparent reason. Translating the phrase literally, though, it becomes the title of this site ^_^.

Oh, yes, you can link back to me at ~ http://nomonkeymothers.mysticsushi.com/

Last Updated: 9/21/07

A semi-large update on fanfics has been done. The completion of "Secrets" (DQ8) and a new oneshot for Saiunkoku Monogatari have been added. The Threads of Fate section also has some new artwork and some more artwork has been added to the fanart and original art sections.

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No Monkey Mothers v 3.0 created January 2005 by Ayame-chan, creation of original site August 2001. This is a fan work site -- something made for my enjoyment and fun. This site is best viewed in the latest version of Internet Explorer and Mozilla on a 1020 x 780 screen or bigger, sorry *sweatdrop*.