Past Updates

Not quite sure WHY you would want to read my past updates on the site, but here you go!




Ah, yes, I AM alive! Well, college has been pretty much a hassle for me (as well as work), and I haven't been updating this recently because of it. Plus, I was looking for a host. Can't stay at Tripod forever, you know? Still, yes, I know. No excuses, right?

Like the new layout? Yes, it's a new layout! Finally! ^^ ('Tis much brighter, don't you think?)

I've added a ton of new chapters to "The Threads of Fate" as well as a couple of new stories and a couple of one shots. Sorry, no updates on the previous ones (mainly due to lack of inspiration)...but hopefully these new ones will help me on the old ones! ^_^. Some stuff that doesn't have a link yet will be put up ASAP (as I'm still working on the kinks and whatnot ^^)

Also, a major update has gone over my fanart/art section. Check them out, yes? I've also officially taken out the Guest Art and Fiction section mainly because I don't have the time to update them as regularly as people send them in. I'll eventually bring them back, but only when I have the time to do so.

Oh, wow, I'm actually updating fast (to me, anyway) this time! Anyway, added some more writings: a new oneshot (Ruroken), prologue to "Of Souls and Shinigami" (Bleach), chapters 9 and 10 to Threads of Fate, and the next chapter to "Son of a Dragon" (Hellsing). I've fixed broken links on the "My links" menu area (and added a new one), revamped the art sections again, and opened the "Link me" section which also includes info on how to add your site to my links.
I've started to revise "True Love", my Ruroken EnishixOC fanfic, so two newly revised chapters are up here. The old chapters have been moved to the "discontinued fanfics" section.

A new poem has been added to the "completed" section as well as another revised chapter for "True Love". The Final Fantasy Freaks Guild section has been updated as well.

7/19/06 A new chapter for "The Threads of Fate" is up, finally, along with a new story that's in the completed section.

A new chapter for "True Love" (Rurouni Kenshin) has been added.


The artwork section has been shifted around and updated and, finally, the Threads of Fate artwork section is open. The first chapter to "A Sorceress' Knight" (FF8), a new fanfiction (DQ8) and original fiction had been added in the continuations section. In the finished section is a new oneshot.

5/19/07 A new chapter for "The Threads of Fate" (original) and "Secrets" (Dragon Quest VIII) has been added. More artwork to "The Threads of Fate" section has also been added, and some new artwork is displayed in the original arts section.