don't know how GOOD it feels to get this fic on going! And this just adds to my collection of stories that I have to write now. *sigh* But oh well. As the title says, this is a Rurouni Kenshin/Fushigi Yuugi crossover by yours truly! Well, I wouldn't say that it's a "true" crossover, but hey, Nuriko, Tasuki, and Chichiri are in here so what would you expect? And besides, I'm getting to like making titles like these on Adobe ^_^.


Chapter 1 ~ Sagara Ukiyou

Chapter 2 ~ Coming of Seiryuu

Chapter 3 ~ Reunion Between Two Legendary Hitokiris

Chapter 4 ~ Warning Signs

Chapter 5 ~ Welcome Home

Chapter 6 ~ Chichiri to the Rescue, no da!

Chapter 7 ~ Long Lost Family

Chapter 8 ~ Ukiyou's Secret

Chapter 9 ~ Hitokiri Kaede