DISCLAIMERS: I don't own DQ8! That's Squeenix

Due to the popularity of my other DQ8 fanfic, I decided to go along ahead and attempt to get the second ending to the game. Which, well, I did, after a few hours. I tell you, the dungeon to the Dragovian Sanctuary is a pain in the arse. I can't believe how many times I got myself lost in there and nearly ran out of healing supplies. But well...anyway...

For those who haven't gotten the 2nd ending, I warn you extremely for spoilers of the game. Unless you're like me, who happens to be a spoiler fanatic ^^.

This takes place right after you defeat Rapthorne for the first time and decide to save. That fuzzy dream that you get after you start from that saved spot? There you go.

Chapter One: To the Dragovian Sanctuary

Chapter Two: Past Revealed

Chapter Three: Bloodline

Chapter Four: Recipe for Surprise

Chapter Five: Wedding Day