Yes, it is the long awaited (well...not very long ^_^) sequel to Angels, folks! Since Alex is basically the only active Leonhart around (Sakura decided to adopt a normal life by my magic wand), this *hopefully* short sequel will mainly revolve around him and the troubles that he has to face in the past. Five years has passed in both times, so don't be surprised that you find Seifer the Commander of Garden or something like that.

Some of you asked me if everyone will meet everybody else again. My answer: Yes and No. SOME of the characters in Angels will return in this sequel and get to reunite with the FF8 cast.

Others also told me that you were a bit confused as to who's who, so I'll just clear it up right now since the way I write do seem confusing to others and makes sense in my wacky mind ^_^.


Squall and Rinoa have four children in total: Luna, Phoenix (who're twins, by the way), Sakura, and Alex.

Quistis and Seifer have only one child which is Lily. Lily would've had a younger brother or sister if Allundia hadn't come in *hinthint*

Gene and Megan (Gene's younger sister from the earlier chapters of Angels) currently don't belong to anyone. I have an idea in mind to who they are descendants to, but I'm not really sure if I want to use it, ya know?

Sakura Wolfe's history will be explained in this fic. Yes, she will play a larger role in here, 'specially since she's a bit older ^_^.

Kenji is the son of a former sorceress. That's all you know. Now, somebody suggested or guessed (Yeti, I think ^_^) that he's Edea and Cid's illegitimate son. Well, that IS a possiblity because I think that the married couple wanted children which is why they got that whole orphanage thing and all of a sudden *poof* they finally have a child of their own. However, there will be another choice in this fic (no, I won't tell you because it'll spoil the fun of guessing!) and then you, yes YOU, will get to decide where Kenji's origins are from.

Atamos is the boss of the Organization (I know, with the creative mind I have, I can't think of a name for an underground society) of Esthar. He's a lot older than he looks and nobody knows how exactly he came to be with the exception of a few hints in Chapter 15 of Angels.

Well, that's about it! Hope this clears up everything. If not, just e-mail me at: and I'll try to clear up some more questions that you may have.

The usual disclaimers for the sequel apply and just to warn you that the movie and book series The Lord of the Rings was a big inspiration to the creation of the sequel. Enjoy!!


Chapter One ~ The Legacy of Shion Treist

Chapter Two ~ Returning to the Past

Chapter Three ~ Winhill Encounters

Chapter Four ~ A New Threat

Chapter Five ~ Reunion