Ok, I admit, I was a bit dazed when I thought about this fic. And tired. And writing about a bazillion stories all at once. But this sort of popped into my head in a dream which mainly everything else in life comes through, ne? *The FF8 cast looks at her strangely* NE?!?

Seifer: Ayame-chan, you're weird.

[she bonks him on the head]

Oh, shut up, I'm being NICE to you for once! You're lucky that I don't turn you into melted cheese. [he is silenced] That's what I thought. Anyways, the fic itself is a bit strange, for there are some...um...strange occurences coming about. And you've gotta finish the game or else be utterly confused. So, this takes place about two years after the Time Compression thingy. Now, on with the show!


1) I do not own FF8 (although I wish I did as well as many others) or any of its characters. They all belong to yours truly, Squaresoft.

2) DON'T SUE ME PLEASE!!! Or flame me for that matter. This is my first FF8 fic I'm writing, so please be nice! I don't have any money, either, just my precious drawings and misc. FF8 paraphernalia. And I"m only writing this for the sake of entertainment and for my wild imagination to be satisfied.

3) Please be warned the SOME scenes might resemble those in Rurouni Kenshin as well as some characters. They belong to Nobuhiro Watsuki, Jump Comics, and Sony. I wouldn't say it's actually a crossover, besides, I just couldn't resist!

Rinoa: Ayame-chan, are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine! Now, please let me continue!!!

4) Last but not least, the characters that I made up (Phoenix, Alex, Luna, etc.) belong to me! You'd have to ask me to use them because they're MINE! Bwuahahahahahahahaha.....

Zell: I think she's gone mad...

Squall: ...Whatever. I doubt it.

[gives them the Battousai glare] Hey, I heard you two! Stop standing around and get to work! (I'm such a nice author, aren't I?)


Chapter One ~ Entering of a Phoenix

Chapter Two ~ Confusion

Chapter Three ~ A Beautiful Flower Arrives in Style!

Chapter Four ~ Reunion of Two Times

Chapter Five ~ A Mission Mishap

Chapter Six ~ Luna's Past : Part One

Chapter Seven ~ Luna's Past : Part Two

Chapter Eight ~ A Promise Renewed

Chapter Nine ~ To Angel's Orphanage We Go...

Chapter Ten ~ Eternal Farewell

Chapter Eleven ~ To Fly Free

Chapter Twelve ~ Rain of Blood

Chapter Thirteen ~ The Final Descendants

Chapter Fourteen ~ Revenge

Chapter Fifteen ~ Ultimecia's Plans...Completed?!?

Chapter Sixteen ~ Battle to the Death

Epilogue ~ Facing the Future