Chapter Three ~ Visitor

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The familiar scents of early morning came into Enishi's mind. A faint streak of sunlight peaked through the very thin door. The morning birds that were happily chattering with one another. All these Enishi's mind recognized except for the faint scent of lavender lingering in the air. He opened his eyes and looked down to find Yumiko sleeping peacefully next to him, her head on top of his chest and arm around his waist. He held his breath for a minute, wondering how would she react when she woke up to find themselves intertwined with only a single blanket covering their naked bodies, but his muscles relaxed at the innocent look on her face. He sighed before wrapping his arms around her, taking in the scent of her hair as she curled closer to him before he fell back asleep.

<later that morning>

"Okaachan! Okaachan!"

Yumiko groaned at the sounds of little footsteps coming towards her room. Visions of last night came rushing back to her mind making her sit up wide awake. I...we...wait... She looked at herself to find herself in her yukata although it was a bit loosely tied. Who dressed me?

Before she could answer herself, the door slid open with very excited looks on her children's faces.

"Ohayou, 'kaachan!" Ran and Rikku announced.

Despite how tired she was, Yumiko still smiled cheerfully.

"Ohayou, my little ones," she replied as they came running towards her. She wrapped her arms around them, one on each side. Her midnight hair cascaded over her shoulders and they giggled with glee for her hair tickled their faces. She joined them soon afterwards. "Ne, what are you guys doing?"

"Otouchan's making breakfast and he told us to wake you up," Ran answered.

Yumiko looked at her son curiously. "Otouchan's cooking?!?"

Rikku nodded. "It smells really good, too!"

"You mean you two haven't seen what otouchan's making?" Yumiko asked.

The twins shook their heads.

"'Touchan said it was a surprise fer us," Rikku answered.

Yumiko arched a curious eyebrow, wondering what in the world was Enishi doing.

<in the kitchen>

Damn, this is the last time I'll be in the kitchen, Enishi cursed to himself. He was thinking of making miso, but becoming so accustomed to the Western stoves that he totally forgot how to use one in his homeland. So, instead, he decided to make something a bit simpler, remembering all the little meals that Tomoe made at home, when he was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"I didn't know that you knew how to cook, Enishi," Yumiko said from behind him.

Enishi straightened from his crouching position by the fire, hitting his head on the stone overhead as he did so. He turned a bit hesitantly to find Yumiko leaning against the side of the doorway in her kimono. Instead of putting her hair up in the usual bun with a dagger, she had tied it back in a loose ponytail falling towards the side of her shoulder. He had seen her like this before, once, but after last night...well, everything had changed.

" sister taught me a bit," he said, rubbing the back of his head.

Yumiko giggled at the sight of his minor embarrassment and she entered the kitchen, looking around. "What were you making?"

"Well...I thought of miso at first," he simply replied as he wrapped his arms around her. "Or something like it, but I forgot how to use these things."

Yumiko chuckled as she looked up into his eyes. "Sou ka...when was the last time you saw this?"

Enishi tried not to laugh as he said. "Around ten years ago."

Their little moment was interrupted by two small voices.

"See? See? I knew it would work!" Rikku said happily.

"You knew what would work?" Yumiko asked as both her and Enishi looked at the twins curiously.

Rikku was about to reply, but her brother quickly covered her mouth.

"'Nothing, 'kaachan," Ran smiled innocently.

"Chotto matte," Enishi said a bit suspiciously. "Did you two get the idea of having a party at Ruri-sensei's house?"

The twins shook their heads in synchronization. "Ie, it was Ruri-sensei's idea."

Yumiko and Enishi groaned, knowing now what the young doctor planned to do during the party. And the funny thing was, it worked.

<a week later>

Everything went on quite normally during the course of the week. The children were happy knowing that their mother and "father" were staying together. Enishi felt even more at peace than before now that certain issues were settled. It was the first time in years that he felt...happy. Ever since his dear sister had left in search for Battousai, he hadn't felt happy because....

Oh, shit, he thought as he realized he was accidentally chopping away at the trunk used for chopping wood. Battousai's name had crossed his mind again. He hadn't thought about his loss against him ever since he met Yumiko. He cursed to himself: how could he have forgotten? was her. Her, Ran, and Rikku. They...changed him, somehow. He realized that they needed him, and he, them. They, although not on purpose, calmed him, made him feel at peace. And he was...glad.

Himura Tomoe's ghost watched her brother in the distance, cautious of what he would to to the woman and her children that he loved. Her fears soon dissipated, however, when he absentmindedly smiled at whatever thoughts he had and continued to resume his work. Tomoe sighed inwardly, relieved that she didn't have to interfere.

<on the other side of the home>

Humming softly to herself, Yumiko was unaware of the pair of eyes that were watching her. It wasn't until her keen eyesight caught a blur coming towards her when she reacted. A young man attacked with a flurry of punches in which Yumiko easily blocked with her broomstick that she was carrying. She was faring well for a while until the broom itself broke in half.

<back to Enishi>

The sound of something snapping caught Enishi's rather sensitive ears. His head snapped up, forgetting his work. He paused for a minute to listen on. He heard sounds of wind smashing against objects, Ran and Rikku's laughter off next door, and...Yumiko?!?

Dropping the pile of wood, Enishi quickly ran to Yumiko's direction.

<to Yumiko>

While parrying her unknown enemy's attacks, Yumiko tried to figure out who this person was. His style of fighting was like an exact copy to hers as he too evaded her offensive.


"Enishi?" she asked in her usual soft tone, her attention distracted.

Her opponent tried to use this to his advantage, but as he tried to, Yumiko quickly hit all of the five upper pressure points, freezing him in his place. She was also close to being frozen herself, her opponent aiming for the jugular vein first. She examined her opponent's face closely, his expression very nervous.

That was when Yumiko realized her opponent wasn't a man. "He" was a she. And that she was awfully familiar...


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