"Pass on the Torch"

The oldest, heir to the throne

Full of brightness, responsibilities, ambitions


Leaves the home to find a world left to conquer

Pass on the torch


The second in line, the heiress of beauty

A world over her feet

Finds love to strike three times

Leaves to a land of ice and snow without even thinking of what would be

Left behind

Pass on the torch


The third in line, the intelligent beauty


Is given away to a home of lesser wealth

Gives refuge to the aging king and queen

Despair, leaves

Pass on the torch


The fourth in line, second son to the family

Aims to right the wrongdoings of those before him

Strong-willed, passionate, capable

Succumbs to disease and holds the last one's hand: "It is up to you to finish the job."

Pass on the torch


The final in line, the youngest

The last bloodline

New to a world that is ever changing from the shelter she once had

Sacrifices those who have not yet come to her aid to fulfill the duty

Of those who passed the torch onto her:

Happiness, love, freedom

And she wonders to herself as the aging king and queen

Continue to wither

Who could she pass the torch onto

When there is no one left behind her?